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Building better retirement outcomes with industry leading tools.  Our goal is to help create a plan with clear intention that allows participants to make an impact.    

Plan Risk Management

As a plan sponsor and fiduciary, you must approach your plan in a more scientific way to be certain that it follows sound analytics, systematic compliance and informational accuracy, while practicing full fee transparancy and disclosure. That means rigorous inquiry. Asking tough questions. 

What you discover could either mitigate liability or magnify it. 

A consultant's ability to build trust, deliver performance and produce results is nothing short of craftsmanship.

At ALDA Analytics we blend the science of retirement with the art of relationship. All it takes is a little ingenuity.

Methodical Systems

We work diligently to arm sponsors with what they need to know, when they need to know it. To reduce costs. To achieve higher plan performance. And avoid liability. 

Select us as your retirement plan consultant and count on the highest quality of:

In-depth Investment Due Diligence and Analysis
Extensive Benchmarking on Services and Fees
Best Practices in Planning, Execution, and Service
Comprehensive RFP Vendor Searches
Complete Plan Resources and Fiduciary Support
Dedicated Fiduciary Briefcase™ Sponsor Portal 

Our time-tested strategy addresses the real value proposition you seek. Concerned about plan fundamentals? Need to solve an exceptional issue? 

It's all about peace of mind.

The Retirement Plan Advisory Group is a professional alliance of accomplished advisors - representing billions in plan assets - dedicated to serve and protect sponsors of qualified and nonqualified plans.

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