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Bear/Pelland Associates

Strategy Simplified.

We help make the complex simple.  


Our fundamental mission is to help people plan for success. 


We are driven by a core belief system that the foundation of even the most complex design is based in a simplified yet structured process.    

Clarity of Purpose.  Strength of Character.  Balanced in approach.  


We provide an intentional process to make success feel simple.  

Employee Benefits


Financial Planning

You work hard and want to feel confident in your planning.


Confidence comes from having intention - having a clear purpose or goal. 


Confidence comes from a plan anchored in a foundation designed to meet that goal with clarity, purpose and the ability to adapt.  Its ability to withstand the test of time makes it transformative in nature.  It ensures that legacies are preserved and dreams are realized.  We help people confidently plan for success.   

Retirement Plans

Plan Sponsors today are held to such a high standard of fiduciary responsibility. Even attempting to monitor legislative and regulatory change would quickly push the most astute plan sponsor outside their comfort zone. 

We've built industry standing by fulfilling client demand for a higher level of effectiveness in qualified and nonqualified plans. Efficient solutions driven by full accountability. That's how we help protect plan sponsors from fiduciary liability while guiding participants to reach retirement goals. 

Our strategic and methodical system for investment analysis, benchmarking, plan design, and communication is built with you in mind.

From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. Expect more from a broker—expect our full spectrum of solutions.

Would you like to receive our Employee Benefits Benchmark Report?  See how employers in every industry and demographic across the country are responding to rising healthcare costs.  

Employee Benefits

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Financial Planning
Retirement Plans


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo DaVinci, Renaissance Man

The ARC Process™ is a goals based planning process designed to aid individuals through the asset accumulation phase of their lives

Retirement Income

Survival Kit


The RISK Process™ is designed to assist an individual’s transition into retirement by focusing on the key risks encountered in the income distribution phase of their lives.

Financial Planning Process
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